In the current context of resource optimization, wage pressures and budget constraints, Finance departments are under increasing pressure to pinpoint the specific costs of IT services – perceived by most employees as a black box they would prefer not to deal with. Finance, on the other hand, often gets nothing more than a blank stare in return for its efforts to spell out a given organization’s complete IT services costs. But, if this crucial item is ignored or misunderstood, it is next to impossible to establish a reasonable budget or exercise sound management control.

The Decimal Suite is the most flexible and reliable solution on the market today. It includes value-added features such as: strategic cost management, profitability optimization, dynamic budget management and business intelligence (BI) tools. Organizations both large and small, both public and private, rely on the Decimal solution to manage their corporate performance and gain a better understanding of their costs, pricing and chargeback.



The Decimal Suite is many things: a budgeting, forecasting and planning solution as well as a strong tool for profitability management, costing, analysis and reporting. It addresses all the issues Finance departments currently grapple with to reduce IT cost-related inefficiencies, thereby better managing their financial performance and aligning it with corporate objectives.

Forecasting based on assumptions – Forecasts consolidation – Payroll evolution simulation – Budgeting for assets – Budgeting for projects

Profitability analysis and management
Benchmarking – Cost allocation

Analyses – Reporting
Performance indicators
Static and dynamic management reports


  • The Decimal Suite integrates accounting and activity-based management concepts;

  • It creates better understanding and communication between the organization’s various services, thereby equipping it to better control costs;

  • In an IT costing exercise, it enables Finance to set benchmarks and compare itself to other models;

  • The powerful, intuitive solution is easy to set up and use and seamlessly integrates with existing systems;

  • With its single database, the Decimal Suite promotes a collaborative work model that develops an organization’s human capital and furthers achievement of objectives

  • Users can create scenarios using their own hypotheses and calculation rules and compare the various scenario results;
  • It includes integrated planning and payroll calculation features, enabling Finance to create scenarios that quickly and accurately determine budgeting and forecasting payroll costs;

  • It can produce instant forecasts and automatic variance analyses;

  • The impact of changes is displayed in real time;

  • Users can automatically trigger production of reports and dashboards in different formats;

  • Connected to Office, the solution allows users to synchronize data updates with a single click;

  • The Cloud-based model means there is no need to make a large up-front investment or use significant IT resources.
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